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Kim has been doing Dove Releases for several years. The Dove Releases started as a family hobby. 
Our doves are white homing pigeons also called Rock Doves. Releasing common white doves is inhuman because doves cannot survive in the wild or find their way home which results in their death.

My doves (homing pigeons) are descendants of the Disney World Doves. Disney World use to release hundreds of white doves at the beginning of every business day when the gates were opened.

The doves require daily care. The birds fly daily around their loft for exercise. The doves are fed twice a day and given fresh water. Our birds are healthy and given probiotics, vitamins and Juice Plus. Once a week the birds are given a tub of water to bathe in. We love our doves and will not allow them to fly in storms or at night. Our birds must be released with enough time to fly back to their loft before dark.                                                      

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